Baci Perugina Tiramisu

Baci Perugina Tiramisu

Baci Perugina Tiramisu Servings: 4 Preparation time: 35 min Total time: 35 min Ingredients 57 grs Baci Perugina Chocolates 400 grs Vincenzi Vicenzovo lady nger biscuits 1 cup Trucillo Coee (cold and dark) 250 grs Mascarpone Cheese 2 Egg Yolks 2 tbsps Caster Sugar (To Decorate) 2 tbsps Strawberries (To Decorate) 2 tbsps Cocoa Powder (To Decorate) Directions

1. In a bowl whisk the sugar with the eggs

2. Add the nely chopped Baci® Perugina® chocolates and mix with the mascarpone cheese and refrigerate

3. Line a large plate with 1/3 of the package of lady ngers

4. Add 1/3 of the coee over the lady ngers and cover with 1/3 of the mascarpone and chocolate mixture

5. Repeat, and layer until all ingredients are nished and keep refrigerated for at least 2 hours 

6. Before serving, sprinkle the surface with cocoa powder and decorate with slices of strawberries.

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