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Essenza Men's Perfume 40ml

Essenza Men's Perfume 40ml

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ESSENZA Eau de toillette for men, offers a fresh, energizing scent. The name ESSENZA is an Italian word that represents – “the core of its being”. Inspired by colors and olfactory scents from the heart of Italy’s Mediterranean Coast.

The fragrance notes submerge into the “essence” – inspired by the treasured coast of Italy. Where natural cedar wood, teak, and lemons from Capri open up the scent. Enriched with surging fruit notes, the combination of lychee, orange blossom, freesia and vetiver depict a new invigorating interpretation of the freshly energizing scent.
The glass is embossed with Tonino Lamborghini iconic shield with miura bull logo, leaving a watermark on the body of the bottle, as if looking through the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the design outlines reveal the iconic mark.
This clean, invigorating, masculine design and aroma transcends time and space, creating the feeling of being by the Sea, bursting with freshness and clarity of crisp citrus and brisk woody elements.

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