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Gusto Pieno - Espresso Ground Coffee

Gusto Pieno - Espresso Ground Coffee

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The Gusto Pieno by Caffè Trombetta is ideal for everyone who prefers a strong, intense coffee with a full body. A coffee made for cappuccino made from 50% arabica with 50% robusta. Rich crema with medium coarse grinding, ideal for use with a French press coffee plunger. Caffè Trombetta ground coffee is vacuum sealed to provide freshness and consistency in every satchel of ground coffee.

Brewed in Italian History

Caffè Trombetta was born and raised alongside the cobblestone streets of Rome in 1890 when Vittorio Trombetta opened a café nearby the famous Termini Station. The proud history and family traditions have been passed through generations with the flagship café still operating to this day at the same Via Marsala location.

Over the years Caffè Trombetta has evolved into a globally recognised coffee roaster with worldwide distribution and state-of-the-art coffee roasting technology. The quest for quality begins from the producing countries, through a careful selection of suppliers and a strict definition of quality standards. Caffè Trombetta pioneered vacuum packing and nitrogen filling processes to ensure its traditional coffee blending techniques arrive to your door with ultimate freshness.

First arriving to Australia in 2008, Caffè Trombetta has become a favourite with many iconic cafés and restaurants. One of Italy’s most prized coffee brands is now available in a growing selection of coffee beans, ground coffee and the complete range of pods and capsules to be enjoyed with friends and family at home, just like you were standing at the bar in Rome.

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