About us

Community support has always been at the forefront of all our fundraising efforts, which is why our mission statement has always been “ALONE ONE CAN CREATE CHANGE, TOGETHER WE CAN CONQUER!” This website has been created for everyone to see what we have accomplished together. Your support and encouragement as we look to the future in support of these worthy causes is always appreciated! Our fundraising efforts are possible because of your generosity. Thank you!

Our History

Friends 4 Cause is a non-profit organization focusing on community support through various fundraising efforts. Our organization currently raises awareness and funds for The Lighthouse children’s palliative care, and the Galileo Adult Education Centre in Montreal; a school who caters to adults with autism, promoting growth and acceptance while paving the way to their future. Our foundation was formerly known as Italians of Montreal and Friends until our rebrand, where we officially became known as Friends 4 Cause Foundation.

Community support has always been at the forefront of our fundraising efforts. Our association recognizes that supporting our causes cannot be accomplished by only one person, which is why our mission statement has always been “ALONE ONE CAN CREATE CHANGE, TOGETHER WE CAN CONQUER!”

The foundation started as a Facebook page created by founder and president Carmelo Tortolano where people could post pictures, quotes and spread positivity.
As the Facebook page grew, Carmelo saw how the group soon formed a community. He decided to bring everyone together in support of a worthy cause and host a fundraising event to support the Cedars Cancer Foundation. This fundraising event was held in memory of his late mother as well as to honor all those who lost loved ones to this terrible disease.

As time went by, Carmelo saw that there was a growing need in his community to help children in palliative care receive the complex treatment their life-threatening illness requires; as well as raise awareness for the importance of integrating autistic youth into society. With the success of his first event for charity, Carmelo decided to form a fundraising committee and hosted a gala event in support of The Galileo School for Autism and The Lighthouse Children’s Palliative care. 

The outpouring of support during this gala was so phenomenal that the fundraising committee soon became a non-profit organization called Friends 4 Cause. For the past 4 years, Friends 4 Cause has continued hosting multiple fundraising events in support of the two organizations which they hold dear to their hearts.
The Friends 4 Cause future was looking bright until the devastating Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 prevented the committee from continuing to organize in person fundraising events. 

Due to the pandemic of 2020, Friends 4 Cause was not able to host traditional fundraising events. Instead of losing hope, Carmelo worked tirelessly to build a specialty boutique online filled with imported and locally sourced grocery items such as olive oils, pastas, cook wear and more. The online store allowed people to purchase their essentials safely while collecting funds which were donated back to The Galileo School for Autism and The Lighthouse Children’s Palliative Care. Thanks to the success of the online store, the organization was given the opportunity to open a storefront located at 10994 Rue Massé, Montréal-Nord, QC
H1G 4G3 which is now home to the foundation.