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Chante Clair Sgrassatore Universal Degreaser Marsiglia Spray, 625 mL

Chante Clair Sgrassatore Universal Degreaser Marsiglia Spray, 625 mL

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CHANTE CLAIR Spray degreaser with bleach 625 ml Sgrassatore con Candeggina Igiene Universale - is a product for removing grease and all stains. It is a special formula of one of the most recognizable products of this brand! The bleach contained in it guarantees even greater effectiveness of the product. It is ideal for removing stubborn stains, disinfecting and deodorizing small areas of the home, especially the bathroom and kitchen. It thoroughly disinfects surfaces and removes mold. It is helpful in keeping garbage bins hygienically clean. It is suitable for cleaning washable surfaces and dirt: cookers, hoods, kitchen surfaces, any dried grease stains. It is also very usefulfor pre-bleaching white stains before washing. Cleans, refreshes and gives shine. Suitable for home and professional use. Note, be careful: contains chlorine bleaching agents. Its use is quick and easy. In the case of clothes, the operation of the product should be tested beforehand on the invisible part of the fabric and use only for white fabrics. Avoid contact of the product with the skin of the hands as it may irritate it. If you need the most effective agent to deal with grease and dirt, which is to ensure hygienic cleanliness at your home or at work, then Sgrassatore con Candeggina will be perfect for you!

The Chante Clair brand  was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Auguste Roustan, who was a soap maker. He patented a formula with natural ingredients needed to produce the famous Marseille soap. All products bear the characteristic Chante Clair "il gallo del pulito" or "pure rooster" badge - known and recognized. This brand consists of proven and effective cleaning products, one of the best in the world! They are produced with care for the natural environment and meet all safety standards.

Capacity: 625 ml (0.625 l)

Country of origin: Italy (original product!)

Brand: Chante Clair

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