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NEUTRO ROBERTS - deo Extra Fresh vapo no gas 75ml

NEUTRO ROBERTS - deo Extra Fresh vapo no gas 75ml

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Neutro Roberts Deospray Fresco in Pump Sprayer

Long-lasting protection! The deodorant spray "Fresco" by Neutro Roberts does not contain aluminium salts and offers a long-lasting protection against the development of unpleasant odours without hindering the natural skin transpiration. The deodorant provides a pleasant feeling of freshness for up to 48 hours and the timeless and fresh unisex scent is suitable for both women and men. The absence of aluminium salts also prevents the formation of stains on clothing.

The pump sprayer works without propellant gas.


  • Spray the deodorant spray on the armpits after showering or washing and let it dry before putting on the clothes.

Facts & Figures

  • Content: 75 ml


  • Without aluminium salts
  • Without fuel gas
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